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About Kali Theatre

Kali Theatre was founded in 1991 by Rita Wolf and Rukhsana Ahmad to encourage, support and promote new theatre writing by women from a South Asian background.

Kali is the UK’s only theatre company dedicated to championing women writers from a South Asian background. We seek out original writers who challenge our perceptions. We focus on content and ideas as much as on style to present memorable theatre based on challenging and innovative ideas. No idea is too small, no statement too large. We actively encourage our writers and audience to reinvent and reshape the theatrical agenda.

Of all the new plays by British Asian woman playwrights presented since 1988 in the UK, nearly a third have been presented by Kali and of the plays by new writers, over 75% were presented by Kali.

Kali has contributed to the development and support of several important new writers. Our connections within the Asian community have made Kali a natural home for women seeking new ways to express and explore the issues and human interest stories of the Diaspora.

Kali aims to present the distinct perspective and experience of Asian women to people from all backgrounds and to celebrate that richness and diversity.

From 2002-2016 Kali's Artistic Director was Janet Steel.

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Confluence magazine regularly carries articles on the arts with a South Asian perspective and has featured Kali activities in the past.

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