Artistic Policy

Under the artistic direction of Janet Steel, Kali’s work has being seen by ever larger and more diverse audiences through our annual touring and public playreadings. The company has established a reputation for creating theatre that takes audiences on unpredictable journeys that inspire, excite and intrigue.

Kali’s unique nurturing of novice playwrights through our Writer Development Programme enables new writers to be discovered and encouraged while giving them support and enhanced skills to develop their work.

Kali’s commitment to the writer is creating opportunities for women who in the past have felt that certain subjects were difficult to discuss openly in a public forum, let alone acted out on stage. As Asian women are becoming more confident both publicly and privately, the content of their writing is beginning to force difficult subjects to be discussed and hidden issues to be unveiled.

Kali’s work is now seen more frequently and by more diverse audiences. Over the past three years over 4,000 people saw our productions and play readings across the UK.

Kali aims to present the distinct perspective and experience of Asian women to people from all backgrounds across the UK and so increase the richness and diversity of British Theatre.

Writers who have worked with Kali include Tanika Gupta, Rukhsana Ahmad, Gurpreet Bhatti, Shelley Silas, Manjinder Virk, Anu Kumar, Bettina Gracias, Yasmin Whittaker Khan and Azma Dar.