Photos by Robert Day

Calcutta Kosher 2012
By Shelley Silas
December 2012 Arcola Theatre

If the past is another country, where is home?

Two sisters return to the crumbling Calcutta home of their childhood. When family secrets are revealed, the women are forced to re-examine their relationship with their mother and the reality of their own lives in the light of a hidden past.

Set in the little known Indian Jewish community of Calcutta, this funny and moving play explored conflicts between old and new, east and west, tradition and truth.  Award winning writer Shelley Silas examined how family and culture, time and distance influence our sense of who we are.


With Kaleem Janjua, Shelley King, Jane Lowe, Rina Mahoney and Harvey Virdi.
Directed by Janet Steel 
Design by Alice Hoult 
Lighting by Prema Mehta   
Music by Sayan Kent

Writer Shelley Silas writes for theatre, radio and TV.  Other stage plays include Falling and  Eating Ice Cream on Gaza Beach.  Radio plays include a co adaptation of The Raj Quartet (with John Harvey), The Sound of Silence (short listed for the Imison Award), Mr Jones Goes Driving, The People Next Door and I am Emma Humphreys (winner of the Clarion Award).  She compiled and edited a short story anthology, 12 Days, published by Virago.  She’s currently writing a new stage play and has several TV projects in development.  When not writing, she can be found swimming in an assortment of pools.