Photos by Alice Hoult

Tue 25 February - Sat 8 March 2014 
By Iman Qureshi

In this wry modern comedy, five sexy, sassy and cynical twenty-somethings come together at a less than glamorous speed-dating event. Audiences got to eavesdrop as a banker in denial, a writer with a hang-up, a publicist with a penchant for sexagenarians, a jilted musician and a shrink with a secret reveal their misanthropy and secret desires

'Speed displays our ability to heal one another, and the surprising things we might discover about ourselves when talking to complete strangers.... with the quality of acting, writing and directing you’d expect from a West End venue.' on Speed

Tristan Bates Theatre
1a Tower Street WC2H 9NP

Directed by
Poonam Brah
Design by Alice Hoult
Lighting by Prema Mehta
Cast includes Jaz Deol, Tariq Jordan, Divian Ladwa, Dina Mousawi and Goldy Notay

Writer Iman Qureshi is a journalist, writer and law student. Shortlisted for the Muslim Writers Award for Journalism, she has written for the Independent, Guardian CIF, Time Out, Huffington Post UK,  DIVA Magazine and the Journal of Postcolonial Writing.  She is interested in the intersections of race, culture, gender and sexuality, informed by an MSc in Postcolonial Literature and her own personal liberal rage – though she occasionally finds that an unhealthy devotion to Disney, musicals, pop culture and love stories compromises her feminist/postcolonial views….