Singh Tangos

Singh Tangos

“Explores the paradoxes of Sikhism in suburbia with a pleasing sense of the absurd, but stays cool enough to make some poignant observations on the way…… the laughs come thick and fast and by the end you can’t help but cheer…”

“ Broad, amiable, comedy, with wry observations on second-generation British Asians”
Time Out

Singh Tangos
by Bettina Gracias
National Tour directed by Caroline Ward

Mr Singh wants his family to soak up English culture. So Mrs Singh takes up ballroom dancing and discovers the liberating effect of rhythm. Their son Tej disapproves of this brazenly forward attitude. He’s obsessed with becoming a respected doctor and wants to prtice on everybody he meets. Their daughter Cassie hates her parents modernity and demands an arranged marriage. When Mrs Singh enters the local dance competition, Mr Singh thinks this a step too far…

This deceptively light-hearted satirical comedy takes a sideways look at what it is to fit in and feel at home. Must migrants transform themselves in order to integrate and be happy? Is it possible to be completely traditional and survive? Is full integration the best way?