Gina Abolins & Waleed Ahhtar in Black-I by Sharon Raizada (Produced by Kali in October/November 2010)

London October 2017

By Sharon Raizada

A biting and witty take on motherhood, sex
and power

Ali is a new mum, loving wife and successful stylist. Two years after her son’s birth, things aren’t going to plan. She is stuck in a shabby local salon trying to make ends meet. Husband Rob is so intent on making it as an artist, he barely notices.

Their luck changes when glamorous Shoreditch gallery owners Suzanne and Nirjay launch Rob’s career, but what are they really after?

It’s the seven ages of woman: babe, sulk, slag, bitch, scold, harridan, hag. Unless you fight...”

October 25 - November 11
Tristan Bates Theatre London
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